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Spiritual Response Therapy, (SRT) is a form of spiritual healing, which clears blocks and discordant energies to the healing and replace with Love.  It is a pain-free and powerful healing system.


靈性反應療法,Spiritual Response Therapy(簡稱SRT)是一個靈性療癒體系;通過SRT我們可以快速地檢視到自己潛意識甚至靈魂紀錄,找出並且清理於今生和前世累積下來,不再適合我們的能量、限制性的執念,再以充滿愛與支持的能量和信念來填補。SRT是一個準確、強而有力的療癒系統,讓我們可以輕鬆地創造自己的生命。

Louise Pang


Louise Pang is a full time Certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Teacher, Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Practitioner, Heart Empowerment Certified Private & Group Session Therapist, Animal Work Teacher and Tarot Reading Teacher. She offers classes in spiritual healing, private healing sessions, meditation classes and Tarot Reading consultations.  She is specialised in family relationships and trauma issues.

Louise Pang是美國靈性反應療法合資格諮詢教師、靈性結構重整Practitioner、人生動力個人及團體動力師、塔羅牌解讀導師和動物溝通療癒導師,會提供個人諮詢和團體教學,擅長處理家庭關係及情緒創傷。

Tropical Leaves

Heart Empowerment Therapy

「人生動力」療法是黃鼎殷醫師(原台北馬偕紀念醫院總醫師) 整合了中國文化經典的智慧、⻄方醫學及十幾年來在世界各地獲得的豐富臨床治療經驗,而創立出來的一套以東方思維作基礎的成長療癒體系。

Family Taking a Photo
Image by Johannes Heel

Animal Work


Tarot Cards


Tarot is one of the ancient healing tool and there are many people also have experienced of Tarot card reading by different Tarot Card Readers. What is the first impression which Tarot Card gives you? 

Image by Viva Luna Studios
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